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Thread: Samsung face real threat from brands like Xiaomi

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    Samsung face real threat from brands like Xiaomi

    It looks like a clear face off between costly brands like Samsung, Sony or HTC and other brands that are emerging at a very fast rate. The recent success of Xiaomi Mi3 clearly proof the same. A brand at one side provides the best hardware mobile phone at a costly price, while we get the same kind of things in a much cheaper model. Like Mi3 that comes for Rs.14000 only and almost have the same hardware that a high end phone has. People are quiet attracted towards this brand causing a major damage to big brand sales.

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    Re: Samsung face real threat from brands like Xiaomi

    That is quite right. All brands much think of this. Samsung releases a high end phone that is above Rs.40000 and is not affordable to anyone. India a huge price conscious market. If people who about the product detail and can find a alternative they will surely buy it. They won't go for any costly phone because of exact features.

    That is the reason iPhone is never hit in India. India is an open market and for brands like Xiaomi it is very profitable. I am quite sure this type of brands are going to cover up the entire phone market.

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    Re: Samsung face real threat from brands like Xiaomi

    It looks the era of Chinese phone is back. Before when clone Chinese phone were sold at very cheap price, stopped. And this thing is back again with Android.

    We will surely see some really amazing models at a very low price and I am quite sure it is very complicated for brands to beat them. It is time for our local brands like Micromax to stand and bring more impressive phone that can beat Xiaomi.

    But that look technically complicated. Micromax never worked on the UI. They just concentrate on the hardware.

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