1) Faster boot

One advantage of the new Windows 8 over other versions is that the starting time will be considerably shorter. Is there a trick to get the hyper-speed? Basically, Windows 8 is based on an enhancement to the time to put a computer into hibernation. This means that when you turn off the computer, the current state of the RAM is saved to disk and when you go to turn what you do is restore the session.

In fact, a few months ago Microsoft was circulated a video where you could see a HP laptop starting at just over 10 seconds. To testify that there were no 'hidden tricks' remove the battery from the computer and reinstalled.

2) Metro New Interface

Probably the best known and most striking feature of Windows 8 on an aesthetic level interface is the new Metro. Basically a number of mini-windows in boxes stacked together offer a view similar to that of an interactive website.

Each of the boxes is actually a shortcut to an application, documents, etc. The idea is very practical but to be seen if the change is too radical for the average user accustomed to a 'Classic Desktop'. Time will tell.

3) Best Search Engine

The new search system Windows 8 is not based on any Widget or any floating window or box to activate the search you just have to start writing and automatically search box will be displayed next.

In addition to search filenames and contents the new tool in Windows 8 will find applications, websites, emails, etc.

4) Windows To Go

Windows To Go is a new system that lets you carry your Windows 8 settings on an external drive as a flash drive or USB stick. The idea is you can transport your OS in your pocket, if you insert the stick in someone else's computer already has Windows 8, you can boot the system with the same system configuration you have on your own computer, for example with your Wallpaper and several configuration options.

The system operates safely, if you remove the USB drive from the slot while Windows 8 is running the system freezes for a few minutes to give yourself time to insert the flash drive again. Thus no data is lost in case of accidental removal of the USB stick.

5) Synchronization between Windows 8 with Windows Live Syncing

As in the previous Windows To Go, Windows Live Sync is a system that lets you take the settings of your Windows computer to other computers outside 8. The idea is to enter ID identification on any computer and automatically load your settings, wallpapers, applications, etc. Not only is it interesting to occasionally when working on a computer that is not yours, it's also handy when you have to reinstall the OS.

With Windows Live Sync or the Windows To Go does not have to worry about re-configure your computer to your preferences. Quite handy.