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Thread: Do you think a 5inch screen is really big to use

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    Do you think a 5inch screen is really big to use

    There are so many phablet in the market. There are some devices which are above 5.7inch. I want to know that does 5inch screen is too big to use. Or it is comfortable. I want a phone for mails. I have lots of mail work and if I have a good big size phone then it can make my job easier.

    Because I can reply instantly through that. For mail many had recommended to go with a phone with atleast 5inch in the screen size. But I do not want something very bulky or uncomfortable to carry. I need a decent size where I can read text and type.

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    Re: Do you think a 5inch screen is really big to use

    Then you must go with 5.5nich screen size. It is not uncomfortable. You have to just use a good case on that so that you can place it in your bag. For calling you can use a wireless headset. You don't have to keep on using the phone screen to take calls. Through wireless headset you can reply to anyone instantly. And for typing a big size screen will be easier for reading as well for typing. Because in landscape mode you get a lot of space to type long lines. It is very simple to use compare to small screen size.

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    Re: Do you think a 5inch screen is really big to use

    One thing you have to consider if you are buying a phablet. They are heavy. Go in any good mobile shop and checkout the devices. Do not buy one that has a slippery back cover.

    Because that can fell very easily from your hand. The best screen that people use is between 4.5inch to 5inch and above that you get more comfort. because you can easily cover a wider area for typing purpose.

    If you are trying to read something then the big screen allow you smooth usage. You can just read more lines in that. Go for big size always.

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