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Thread: Asus Zenfone vs Xiaomi Mi3

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    Asus Zenfone vs Xiaomi Mi3

    There are two models in my mind. The first one is Asus Zenfone and the second one is Xiaomi Mi3.

    Now Zenfone has three models. A entry level, a mid range with Intel processor and a high end one. While Xiaomi Mi3 is the stand alone model. I compared the hardware specs where I found Xiaomi mower powerful. T

    he issue with Xiaomi is that it is very hard to buy this phone. They release the phone in limited stock and you cannot get hand on the same. So I thought giving Asus Zenfone a second thought is good. What you think about the same? Any suggestion please?

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    Re: Asus Zenfone vs Xiaomi Mi3

    Asus Zenfone is a good series. Even I am thinking about buying the same. I like the Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG which is a mid range model that comes with Intel processor. It has 2GB ram and good enough to give you a good multi-tasking output. I had seen the video review of this device and it is really impressive. I want to buy this.

    Xiaomi is not available and it is a Chinese brand. Asus is a old company in the market. They sell laptop, motherboards, etc so you can trust on this. While Xiaomi is just new and there might be service issue.

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    Re: Asus Zenfone vs Xiaomi Mi3

    Xiaomi is the best budget phone. They are giving you amazing hardware at a very budget price. It is right that you cannot buy them so instantly. It is very complicated to locate the model. Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG is a good replacement for the Xiaomi. It is good for those who are looking for a good mid range phone with decent battery life and nice hardware configuration. But I saw this on Flipkart. It is also of stock. I am quite sure you have to wait back until this finally appear in online for sale.

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    Re: Asus Zenfone vs Xiaomi Mi3

    Yups since xiaomi launch, this is best one smartphone with low budget. Its built-in with good ios UI and specs is very similar with iphone.

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