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Thread: Migrating Windows 7 files to new Mac

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    Migrating Windows 7 files to new Mac

    My uncle got a new macbook. Now he was using an old pc that has windows 7 on the same. He asked me to setup Mac for use. Now I want to migrate the files of windows system in the Mac. But the windows pc is having virus issue.

    I want to know that is it safe to move the files. Or first I should add some antivirus on the Mac system. Also which is the fastest way of moving files?

    Does Mac comes with automated software that can run the migrating thing form windows pc direly to Mac without manual copy paste?

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    Re: Migrating Windows 7 files to new Mac

    For virus thing it is good to add an antivirus in the system. You can find ample of them online. Even Mac system gets infected. If you keep a good antivirus installed on your system and if there is any threat it will be blocked. For migrating the files it is good to go with manual process.

    You can create separate folders for moving your files in the system. Because here you have to configure your mails, browser bookmarks, etc. You can copy paste in a pen drive and scan it first on Mac and then move the files. That would be a lot more simple way.

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    Re: Migrating Windows 7 files to new Mac

    You can try using Migration Assistant software for that. This one can help you a bit in getting the most common files in your pc without looking for them. But I do not think this one works for mail clients. You have to connect the windows pc on the LAN network for this. And for migration you have to provide the user details. The user account which you had created on your windows system. Just provide the information and start the migrating procedure. Just follow the screen instructions and done. All files would be moved.

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