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Thread: Amazon Fire Phone Review

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    Amazon Fire Phone Review


    Whole world awaits MWC event every year to have keen eye on latest updates, latest technology and features added in smartphones by leading mobile companies like Samsung, Apple and Sony. You may have come across with technology of water resistant phone by Sony, fastest processor in Samsung, Retina display of Apple and many more but there is a contender who is trying to prove that one can make much more out of a smartphone. We are talking about Amazon’s Fire phone which is upcoming smartphone in the market.

    Amazon is well-known for its online megastore name but this online megastore tycoon is now stepped up in market with its powerful and innovative flagship called Amazon Fire. There were rumors about this phone that it has hologram graphic, 3-D imagery concept introduced in a smartphone but all were false. It definitely has some innovative concept which no one had ever come upon in any smartphone which we are going to discuss in later section.

    New flagship by Amazon is incredibly fast and is engineered with latest hardware specs to experience smooth and lightning fast speed performance. Most amazing fact about this phone is its running on its own OS rather than making use of Android OS in it. Phone has something different to offer in its navigation, discover, of course, shop- all enabled features.

    Design and Packaging:

    Build of the phone is good and intelligently crafted with no messy body design. Phone has big rectangular shaped body with curved edges on all four sides. Phone is created very simple in design and has slim body. Sides of the phone are covered by metallic plastic which makes this phone little thick compare to other smartphones who are trying to create slimmest smartphone. Back of the phone is also made by sturdy plastic and back of the phone is non-removable. Phone fits perfectly on your hands and provides proper grip which avoids slipping of the phone from your hands. Amazon Fire has dimension of 139.2 x 66.5 x 8.9 mm (5.48 x 2.62 x 0.35 in) and weights about 160g which is little heavier compare to the latest smartphone introduced in the market.

    Coming to the hardware associated on the body of the smartphone, front of the phone is very simple but it has placed with very innovative hardware of all time. Middle space of front side of the phone is occupied by 4.7-inch Gorilla Glass 3 display of the phone which is normally seen in all smartphones but no smartphone has four front cameras working on infrared. Yes it is true Amazon Fire has introduced with four front camera two is placed above the screen and 2 are placed below the screen. Features of the four cameras will be discussed in later section of the review. Above the display you can see earpiece, sensors and two cameras whereas below the display has two camera and home button of the phone, unlike other Android smartphone it doesn’t have any capacitive touch buttons.

    Back of the phone is simple but attractive protected by Gorilla glass 3, primary camera is placed on the right corner of the back and flash on its right. Branding of Amazon falls little up from the centre. Sides of the phone is packed with most of the hardware buttons, upper shelf is housed with power button, 3.5mm audio jack and dual-speakers of the phone while on the bottom shelf you have microUSB slot, mic and dual-speaker of the phone. As the phone has dual speakers it is placed smartly on both the top and bottom sides of the phone. Left side of the phone is densely populated with hardware buttons like volume rocker button, dedicated camera key and SIM slot whereas right sides is left vacant. Design part of the phone is carefully placed and is convenient to use.
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    Re: Amazon Fire Phone Review

    Display / Screen:

    Amazon Fire is boasting up on 4.7-inch display with 720x1280 resolutions. Screen of the phone is featuring IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Most amazing feature of the display by Amazon is its 3D Dynamic Perspective UI which allows you to experience system wide tilt, auto-scroll, swivel, and peek functions. 315ppi produces sharp and vibrant color output and has good viewing angles too. Sun-legibility is impressive in the display of the phone. So we can say Amazon Fire has cleverly designed its display which would be loved by the users.


    Phone is running on powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset with Quad-core 2.2 GHz Krait 400 and 2GB RAM for handling instructions fired by the users. With such hardware specs no one would doubt to raise further question about performance. Snapdragon 800 is well-known and tested chipset which produces efficient and fast computing in smartphones.

    Processor backed by 2GB RAM will definitely result in satisfying performance. Gaming and other graphic instructions will be taken care by Adreno 330 GPU installed in the phone. Fire has no memory card slot to extent its memory but has given its user with the choice of 32/64GB internal storage.


    13-MP powerful camera is introduced in Amazon Fire which is a good choice by Amazon. Now almost all the phone is launched with atleast 13MP camera shooter. Along with large megapixel it also has wide f/2.0 aperture camera lens which captures beautiful crisp images. It has an optical image stabilization which helps to reduce noise from the captured picture. Phone can shoot videos with Full HD ie. 1080 resolution which is must feature in every smartphones. It has variety of settings to have different manual settings in camera to get perfect capture every time. Front camera is featuring with 2.1MP camera that allows you to make video chat and conferencing easily.


    Phone is operating on new OS introduced by Amazon itself for its new flagship. Amazon Fire OS v3.5 which is an Android based OS. New OS has variety of innovations like it has dynamic perspective feature which allows you to see 3-D imagery with the help of four camera sensors, they make use of IR blaster to notify your heads movement and accordingly creates 3-D image. It is mostly useful in navigation application and if you tilt your phone it shows more details about the place and nearby place is popped up.

    Another innovative apps is Firefly which basically is scanning app which recognizes bar codes, products and business cards which is a common feature available with all scanning app but Firefly can also recognize sound, song and scene of the movies. Mayday help provides you with technical support on your smartphone around the clock. Apps are limited to your Amazon Fire which is freely available with Android and iPhone so with time it will be covered up by Amazon.


    Battery is powering with 2400 mAh non-removable one which is capable of producing 22 hours of talk time and has up to 285 hours of stand-by time. Heavy users will also be pleased with the performance of the battery as it last for longer duration under heavy stress triggered by user. So battery section of the phone is also perfect just like other section of the phone.
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    Re: Amazon Fire Phone Review


    Amazon Fire is next generation phone with ample of features and powerful specs. If you want to experience new features in smartphone you can opt for Amazon Fire but it has limitations of rejoicing number of apps like in Android powered smartphones. Other specs are just perfect in this smartphone.

    Super clear display produces crisp output whereas camera of the phone with optical stabilization is just remarkable. Performance of the phone is handled by Snapdragon 800 chipset so no doubt about performance glitch. Battery of the phone is promising so overall it is a complete smartphone.
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