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Thread: Internet speed slow, but download is fast

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    Internet speed slow, but download is fast

    There is a weird problem in my internet connecting. When I try to open Facebook it is very slow. But when I keep something on the download through torrent it is taking out maximum speed. The same is applicable for Internet Download Manager also. I have a 4mbps line.

    Even after having such a good high speed connection my web surfing is not working. It is slow and giving a lot issue. I had tired resetting my connection a number of times but that did not helped much. The speed is still messed up.

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    Re: Internet speed slow, but download is fast

    The issue is not from your end. It is from the ISP end and you have to call him to resolve the issue. You can contact them to make changes in the router and modem settings.

    I am quiet sure the issue is from the ISP end. Your line is working really fine, but when you try to open page it takes time. That means the ISP has not configured your router settings properly. You have to change the dns.

    You can use a few third parties but better go with the one that your ISP provides you so that you get much faster speed.

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    Re: Internet speed slow, but download is fast

    You have to change your dns to resolve the web surfing issue. To test you can try using a public dns. There are ample of them available. Google Public DNS is a fast one. You have to go in the tcp ip setting.

    If you are on windows 7 then go in network adapter settings which is in the work and sharing center. Right click on that and choose properties. Click on tcp ip and at the bottom you can add & That's it. Restart your pc and check back.

    If the speed is good then you have to call your ISP to give you new dns.

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    Re: Internet speed slow, but download is fast

    Yes it is very strange 4mbps is good speed I must say, And as you were saying your browsing speed is slow and download is faster this is quite wired thing. I think you need to consult with your internet provider...

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