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Thread: Slow internet speed on usb 2.0 adapter

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    Slow internet speed on usb 2.0 adapter

    I had bought an usb 2.0 LAN adapter. My LAN port on laptop is not working fine. After connecting the same I had installed the drivers and it is detected. But it is not giving me a good internet speed. I have a 1mbps broadband line and when

    I connect that on the LAN adapter it is very slow. I am hardly getting a constant speed of 20kbps for download. I am not able to figure out why this thing is so slow. As per the specification on the usb adapter it is capable of giving out a really good speed. But it is not working. Want some help here.

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    Re: Slow internet speed on usb 2.0 adapter

    The issue can be with the usb port I think. Disconnect the adapter and connect it on some other working port and then test back. I am quite sure that will be give you a bit increase in speed. But if that is not working then you have to replace the adapter. It can be due to it. I had used an usb LAN adapter long back.

    It was having a dual port on the same. It ode snot work faster like the regular LAN port but still it is enough to use. If you are getting very low speed then I think you must get it replaced.

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    Re: Slow internet speed on usb 2.0 adapter

    Instead of buying an usb LAN adapter you must have bought an usb wifi adapter. In that you don't have to connect any cable and it works fast and well. If you have a router at your home then it is far simpler to use.

    You don't have to worry about hardware stuff. Just try changing the ports and see whether you are getting speed or not. If not then get it replaced. You also have to update your usb drivers.

    There might be outdated on your system due to which speed is so slow. Update the drivers once and test.

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