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Thread: Windows 8 Consumer Preview : How to Disable Metro UI

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    Windows 8 Consumer Preview : How to Disable Metro UI

    Hello i have just installed new Windows 8 Consumer Preview on mine system. Everything working properly without any issue. I can say 1 more successfully OS from Microsoft . Anyways, but am here to know how to disable Metro UI in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. i have like the "start" button to access my programs and taskbar to see them run although i would like to keep the Explorer Ribbon. I think this very hard to explore the OS with Metro, so therefore i would like to disable it. Can anyone suggest on this issue.

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    Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview : How to Disable Metro UI

    Even am not happy with the new Metro style. If I would have contact with Microsoft, I would have told them that they won’t bring back the classic start menu, or at least an easy to find option in this new OS, i think many users will quite using windows and go to Linux. Metro makes things much more complicated and time consuming, and this require lots of times to perform the simplest tasks like launching application. So if you have installed the lots of application Metro does not provide usability at all. I must say them that if they want Windows 8 as well a successful OS , there should be an easy option to disable the Metro UI and get the classic Start Menu.

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    Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview : How to Disable Metro UI

    I dont think there is any kind of option available for Classic Start Menu but just as an alternative, what i do is i go to Desktop and pin all my favourite applications to the taskbar. And whenever i need them, simply click the icon from the taskbar. :

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    Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview : How to Disable Metro UI

    Just make mouse pointer into the bottom left corner and RIGHT click and then select search. Now your apps/settings will show up. Now here you want to see Windows7 startup version on Windows 8 Consumer Preview do following steps: create new toolbar by mak9ing right click the bottom toolbar and use below path given:
    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\ Window s\WinX
    This will have groups of shortcuts.

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    Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview : How to Disable Metro UI

    There was a way in the Developer Preview to remove it using a registry hack. Here is a registry edit to disable Metro UI;

    • First open registry editor by typing regedit at the Start screen.
    • Now on the registry editor Navigate to:
    • Now here change RPEnabled key to a “0” instead of the default “1”.
    • This disables the Metro UI and to return to the Metro UI, just change the value back to a “1”.

    Once you change key then just save the setting and after that reboot your system for the best result.

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