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Thread: Blue screen while turning on File Sharing on Windows 8

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    Blue screen while turning on File Sharing on Windows 8

    I am getting blue screen when I try to turn on File Sharing feature on Windows 8. I am trying to do that from Network and Sharing Center. When I enable File and Printer sharing and clicked on ok, the pc crashed with blue screen and restarts. I had updated to Windows 8.1 recently and from that time the pc does not looks to be working well. I have a small media server setup at my home and on the LAN I am turned on file sharing so that all can access the data. But this thing is not working well. After update all settings were reset.

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    Re: Blue screen while turning on File Sharing on Windows 8

    Some damage component on the system is cashing the issue and you can resolve that by running a simple repair setup of windows. This can be done through an inbuilt utility called as system file checker.

    It is free to use and you can run a simple command to turn it on. Just go in cmd and type SFC /scannow and hit enter. It will start scanning for damage system files and fix them. In between to fix the file it might ask you to insert windows bootable DVD. This will be needed to replace files. Keep that ready.

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    Re: Blue screen while turning on File Sharing on Windows 8

    According to me if the above process does not worked much then the option left is to format your pc and install windows back again. Blue screen is not a good sign here. And you are getting that when you trying to enable some feature.

    To get a bit more idea about the same you can go in Event Viewer. Just go in that you can find the error log. Click on it and checkout the description of error. In that you can find an associated file which has caused the crash. You can also try using system restore. This will add a bit of stability.

    But if nothing works then just format your pc.

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