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Thread: Xbox One Review Next Generation Gaming Console

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    Xbox One Review Next Generation Gaming Console


    Xbox One is known name to world and is well known for its performance of processing games and unleashing immense gaming experience for its users. Xbox one was released lately last year in November and since then it is creating complication in the market for its rivals. Xbox was the name of gaming machine or console when it was first launched in the market, but with the growing technology and demands of the users globally, Xbox was forced to be innovative from time to time.

    First Xbox was low in memory and low in graphic but at regular interval it grew stronger in specifications and much smooth and enhance in its performance. Xbox 360 is been advanced and overtaken by Xbox One and along with gaming now user can make your Xbox as centre of digital home with the help of Sky, Virgin, BT, Freeview and Freesat TV services. Moreover you can also enjoy music and movie streaming and with the other streaming apps like Skype chats, catch-up TV and more introduced in new Xbox One.

    While at the time of launch Xbox One was released with the new version of Kinect onboard by default but later on it was made a voluntary choice to have or not to have kinect on your Xbox. Microsoft took this step to reduce the cost of Xbox as device with kinect was priced little higher than by the device without kinect on the device. So let’s check what Microsoft has offered in its gaming device and whether this device is up to the mark to outclass its rivals and conquer the world by its performance and specifications.


    Form and build of the Xbox is huge compare to its rival PS4 which is sleek and sloppy at one of its end. Packaging of the Xbox gaming console looks huge which will confuse you about the actual size of the device. Device measures 274 x 79 x 333 mm making longer and taller than its rival and its predecessor. By just one glance you will be able to recognize that new console by Microsoft is huge, what is the reason behind so huge body design will discuss in later section.

    Xbox One is huge massive black rectangular imposed with black plastic covered in black plastic ridge. Microsoft has tried to put all the visual by implementing black and ridge covered material. Kinect camera peripheral looks huge rectangular massive in size which remind you of stereo tuner of past years. If you flip your device you will see number of ports for Ethernet, HDMI out, Power, S/PDIF for optical audio, USB 3.0 ports and IR out (infrared). Microsoft has also provided additional proprietary ports one for connecting Kinect and other of HDMI-in to get connected with TV through set-top box. Microsoft Xbox One also has introduced with OneGuide to play with your TV set-top box through your console.


    Gamepad by Microsoft is always praised by its user; Xbox 360’s controller was one of the best console gamepad released yet. It is very well designed with natural contours, well positioned triggers and irregular stick layout made handling of the gamepad comfortable and fits perfectly for playing long session games. As Microsoft has moved from Xbox 360 to Xbox One so innovation in gamepad is quite obvious, Microsoft has tainted little about its signature controller to slight larger which provides more comfortable feel.

    Key change found in the controller rather is Xbox button is placed on top which is now good move by Microsoft. Gamepad is made much lighter with matte finish which provides proper grip and leads to play long gaming session. Analog stick of the gamepad is made rubbery to provide comfortable handling of analog stick. While you are in shooting or battle game you will rejoice triggers of gamepad is also an improvement found in this console. Xbox One game pad is still running on AA batteries whereas its rival has adopted some innovative concept of rechargeable cell in its controller.

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    Re: Xbox One Review Next Generation Gaming Console


    Now coming to the core of the Xbox One, it is engineered by powerful AMD processor to have lighting fast performance and further it is enhanced by 8GB DDR3 memory and 32MB of ultra fast ESRAM. To save your milestone achieved while playing games or other media files you have been given 500GB of storage but only drawback in the Xbox One is it cannot be replaced by other mechanical drive to enhance the storage of your device. You don’t need to worry about the performance because it is perfectly backed by AMD processor and 8GB RAM.


    If you have Kinect with your Xbox it completes camera and microphone absence of your console. It can also interact with your TV and other appliances through IR blaster present in it. Kinect is very effective for recognizing you and your voice commands and reacts accordingly. Game DVR is also one of the best features in the Xbox One which allows you to record your epic moment and allows you to share with your friends. All you have to say is “Xbox record that” to Kinect and last thirty seconds of your game will be recorded in your HDD.

    Smartglass is introduced in Xbox as second screen experience which is familiar to everyone because it was introduced in Xbox 360 itself. Smartglass helps you to navigate menu and see system information on your smartphone or tablet. It also helps you to launch apps from here because of its improved functionality.


    Set up of your Xbox One is little messy if compared to PS4. You need to connect your power and HDMI and Kinect which is optional. For connecting Kinect you need to establish connection with the help of proprietary cable. You can connect TV with the help of HDMI-in port and be careful with guidliness on OneGuide setup. If you are switching on your Xbox for the first time then you will face a setup wizard for which internet is required. You need to download Day-one patch which is around 2GB which is must to download because you won’t be able to get in to Home-screen of your gaming console. After the setup is complete you are free to access your Xbox fully.


    When you start Xbox, first thing you land up on is Home screen and from there you can navigate to your apps, games, media files, audio and video streaming or etc. You see live preview of whatever event you have fired. You can also access your Xbox live profile which has basic and fresh information about your game score and friends list. Interface is user friendly and it provides functionality of customizing apps and menu according to your wish. One need to open an Xbox live account and it would be useful if you open Xbox Live Gold account which allows access to most of the online games and it gives route to download many games online. You are also allowed to access huge space of Sky-drive.

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    Re: Xbox One Review Next Generation Gaming Console


    Xbox One is good gaming console which has good features and specifications to handle all types of games and also to handle multitasking of the apps. Kinect plays an important role for basic operations like voice command, quick pause, recording, Skype call and other features is smooth. Video Sharing on your Xbox One is lot more easier compare to PS4, you can download your footage uploaded on Skydrive and get it as an video clip.

    Streaming media alongside with TV is also a liking feature in Xbox One. Interface of the console is fast and customizable which adds more advantage. Two apps are handled very genuinely but some apps created fizz while operated together. Controller of the Xbox is still stuck with same replaceable batteries which is a major drawback. Shoulder buttons of controller is good but not perfect like one of Xbox 360. Kinect is helpful but commands are very rigid. Overall it is a good gaming console to give tough competition in the market.
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