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Thread: Xiaomi Mi3 Vs Xiaomi Mi4 Comparison

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    Xiaomi Mi3 Vs Xiaomi Mi4 Comparison

    If we take two devices into comparison then which one will be the best one. I am talking about two the best phone which are released recently. One is Xiaomi Mi3 and the second one is Xiaomi Mi4. Now both are Xiaomi brand. I am quiet confuse between this two things.

    When I saw the phone I think Xiaomi Mi3 is quiet good. It has a amazing display and look. I am not much sure about Xiaomi Mi4. If anyone has to buy a good phone in terms of performance then what will you really recommend.

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    Re: Xiaomi Mi3 Vs Xiaomi Mi4 Comparison

    If we consider the performance part only then obviously the new one Xiaomi Mi4 is far more better. This device brings you a bit better hardware compare to the lower series.

    While other things are exactly the same. You can find the difference in the specification. In Mi4 you get a 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801, quad core processor which is higher than Mi3 and you also get a 3GB ram instead of 2GB. There is a bit addition in the camera also.

    Mi4 gives you a 8MP primary camera instead of 2MP. The results are clear here. Mi4 is better.

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    Re: Xiaomi Mi3 Vs Xiaomi Mi4 Comparison

    Xiaomi Mi3 would be the best one according to me. Because you are having a very similar hardware but it is a bit lower. Both of this phone has the same 5.0 inch IPS LCD touch screen display. That is not bad.

    Mi3 brings the same quad core processor but it is 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 and ram is around 2 GB RAM. There is no big difference in the storage also. If you are having a tight budget then going for the lower one is a valid choice. There will be not much difference in terms of usage.

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