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Thread: What is Idea Web Pass offering 200,000 hours of free internet

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    Re: What is Idea Web Pass offering 200,000 hours of free internet

    Idea Web Pass is going to provide you a 10MB of internet usage in a day. This is sponsored by Quickr. This 10mb of data can help you to find some important information even when you are not having any active plan. This one is called as Free Internal Trial Pass. And this will be limited for the coming 20 days. You have to install Opera Mini in your device and from the Speed Dial page you have to choose Idea Web Pass. Now from the screen choose Free Internet Trial Pass (3 MB). That's it. You get the usage.

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    What is Idea Web Pass offering 200,000 hours of free internet

    I want to know about Idea Web Pass. What is it actually. I had seen on web that this is something about having a free internet connection. What is it actually means. Where can I get the same. I am having a very old idea number and I am using a 3G internet dongle on the same. I want to use this plan if it is free. There might be some restriction but this would be really beneficial to go with. I had checked the official site also, which does not provide me any information about this idea web pass.

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    Re: What is Idea Web Pass offering 200,000 hours of free internet

    It is something like promotional stuff. Here Idea is going to offer a bit of free internet to its users. Idea has already tied up with opera software. And with them they are going to launch a new service called as Idea Web Pass. You can through enjoy a time based mobile surfing for free. There are restrictions on the same.

    That means this internet connection is only going to work on Opera Mini Browser. And you have a less amount of speed in this with limit. I am not sure this is something really amazing.

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