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Thread: Is ACT Broadband the Fastest IPS in India

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    Is ACT Broadband the Fastest IPS in India

    Any one heard about ACT Broadband. My friend posted a bit of information about this on Facebook. That says this one is the fastest isp of India. What does that actually means. Will it give the most highest speed or it will be have better service.

    I think today Airtel is the best when it comes to broadband service. Because it is fast and reliable. And they also give the best service if you are having a really high speed connection. Airtel is limited to area. I want to know more about this ACT Broadband.

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    Re: Is ACT Broadband the Fastest IPS in India

    ACT Broadband is a new company that coming in India, and this one is going to give you amazing high speed service. They have been starting in South part first. They are going to provide the best high speed internet connection at a very cheap price. This simply looks like plan to attract people and like other ISP if they have ample of good consumers they will mess with the speed. We have to wait back where it finally starts. They have been promise to give around 50mbps of connection at a very budget price.

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    Re: Is ACT Broadband the Fastest IPS in India

    This company is planning to expand really fast in India and for that they need consumers. They are operating in Chennai right now offering a very high speed internet connection. Even Airtel and BSNL are not able to beat them. 50mbps is a truth there.

    I had used Airtel but after some speed limit their service sucks. If you are ready to pay for a high speed then ACT Broadband can help you. they have 50mbps and 100mbps plan for corporate. This is really going to help them to have a amazing internet connectivity.

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    Re: Is ACT Broadband the Fastest IPS in India

    Yes, ACT Broadband provide high speed internet connection and fastest downloading compare to another broadbands.

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    Re: Is ACT Broadband the Fastest IPS in India

    I can't say that it is the fastest network, but their plan costs are less than other networks.

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