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Thread: Google Play Store Errors and Solutions

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    Google Play Store Errors and Solutions

    Google Play is the default play store for all android phone to download and gets lots of apps. But what if there is some error and you are not having any solution for that. I am going to show you today the way through which you can troubleshoot various errors of Google Play. There are some reason when you get a error.

    If you know about the error then it is far more easier to troubleshoot the same. By default Google Play does not offer you any help articles to deal with the error. Nor there is any kind of diagnostic utility that can scan and fix automatically as per your need. Below you can find ample of errors and with some solutions. You are open to share your own information also.

    Google Play Error 491 / Error 481:

    If you get any of this error then you must check your download and updates. This error appear if the device fails to get any new updates. It can be due to download issue. That means internet connection problem or can be due to storage space. You have to go in the settings and you will need to clear the cache of that app which is giving you error. Restarting the tablet will also help you. Most of the time you get this error on Google Services which are responsible for smooth functioning of Google Play. To fix that go in Apps under settings and tap on Google Service. Clear cache and try back.

    Google Play Error 498:

    This error appear when the download is interrupted. When you are getting a game or application from Google play and it is interrupted then you get a Error 4980. Again the issue can be due to internet. But if this does not resolve then you have to remove all unwanted app from your device to free up some space. You have to backup your data and boot your phone in recovery mode. Chose clear cache from there and test again.

    Google Play Error 919:

    This error appear when the app installation starts after downloading. When you tap on install in Google Play, the app is first downloaded and then it is installed. Download is just the half process. After download if you are getting any of this error then just clean your device storage. This might be due to low space.

    Google Play Error 403 / Error 413 / Error 504:

    These three errors points to a common problem. And it only appear on those devices who have configured proxy. Or else it won't appear fast. This error is associated with fail updates. A number of time you might have seen that there are new updates for the apps. And this is done automatically. If that fails then you get the error. You have to clear the data of Google Services from Settings > Apps to resolve the problem. You can also try moving some apps in the sd card to free up internal space.

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    Re: Google Play Store Errors and Solutions

    Google Play Error 923:

    This error occur when your Google account sync failed. There can be some apps like contacts, or Gmail. If the sync fails then you get the error. Now this can be due to changes in the account. Like password change. Just verify that first. And if that does not help then you have to backup your data and boot your phone in recovery mode. Choose Wipe Cache partition and restart your phone to test it back.

    Google Play Error 921 / error rpc:aec:0]:

    This error appear when your devices fails to download anything. Whatever you try to download from Google Play will give you this error and will stop. For that you have to check two things. First the storage space. Just check what amount of space is let in the device. Clear it by removing apps and deleting files. The second option left is to clear the data of Google Services which you can do from Settings > Apps. Just add a bigger memory card for more space.

    Google Play Error 492:

    This error is related to Dalvik Cache. Clearing this will stop the error and you can use your device. Now to clear that you have to start your phone in recovery mode. It is good to backup your files first. You can then go in that and choose clear dalvik cache from the recovery menu. Restart your phone back and test back.

    Google Play Error 911 / Error 919:

    This error is mostly due to in appropriate authentication. There are few things you have to check. First you have to find whether your login details are right or not. And also check that your wifi is active with right password. Sometime authentication fails due to changes in the security settings and you will get this error when you try to add something from Google Play. It appears mostly on the wifi due to improper settings. But can be fixed by checking the login details. And if you get the same error on mobile network then check your apn settings.

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    Re: Google Play Store Errors and Solutions

    Google Play Error rh01 / Error rpc:s-5:aec-0 / RPC:S-3 error retrieving information from server:

    This one is bit complicated and you might get this while updating or while downloading new apps. The error occur when your device unable to retrieve data from the sever. You have to first restart your device and try back. Most of the time simple restarting is enough to resolve the issue. If that fails to work then you can boot your phone in recovery mode and then you have to choose wipe/clear cache. It will also fix the issue.

    Google Play Package File Invalid Error:

    This appear when the file is not proper or when there is a damage cache file in device associated to a specific app. You have to clear that first from Settings > Apps. And then you can reboot your device. Then updates will start once. It also occur on third party apk file which are not having valid cache files.

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