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Thread: WhatsApp texting slow on Moto E

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    WhatsApp texting slow on Moto E

    Moto E is a good budget phone but I think this device might have a performance problem. I had notice this when I am using it and I am not able to figure out the actual cause behind the same. The device works really well and smooth with different apps.

    But when it comes to internet usage it react slowly. Like I am using WhatsApp and when I send any text it appear after a few seconds. The same happens to images and videos. This must work instantly and fast but it is slow. This is bit weird since a tiny update installed last.

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    Re: WhatsApp texting slow on Moto E

    It can be due to less memory. You ram usage would be high and you can find that quiet easy. Go in setting and tap on apps. Then swipe to the left side to go in the running section. There you can find all apps working. AT the bottom you can see the amount of app left. You have to turn off a few if that is full. Because this will cause your phone to work slow. Remove things which are not needed. So that your device output can be a lot more better. Just get rid of apps and games that are not required and then see the performance will increase.

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    Re: WhatsApp texting slow on Moto E

    To some extent is right that this issue can be due to low ram available. But what if the ram usage is less and still the device is not working well. About your WhatsApp issue I think it is due to the internet connection.

    You have to check and verify that first. You can see how much speed you are getting on your 2G/3G. To test the best way to is connect the mobile phone on a wifi network.

    If on wifi it works fast then you won't face any issue with the performance. But on regular network provider this can be slow due to speed issue.

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