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Thread: All Xiaomi Redmi Mi3 phones launched in India are protected with Gorilla Glass 3, clarified by Xiaomi

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    All Xiaomi Redmi Mi3 phones launched in India are protected with Gorilla Glass 3, clarified by Xiaomi

    Corning Gorilla Glass is a US based glass manufacturer company which manufactures displays with scratch resistant, light weight, thin and with damage resistant protection. It offers its toughened glass technology for many different products like Laptop screens, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Portable media players, computer displays etc. Gorilla Glass is one of the well known company for providing its scratch resistant technology for other phone manufacturing brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Motorola and many other phone manufacturing companies.

    It was not sure with the Xiaomi, whether they are producing Xiaomi Mi3 with the tough and scratch resitant glass. But now it is! There was a tweet by the @MiIndiaOfficial which is the Xiaomi's official page for India which confirmed by Tweeting; "Did you know? All Mi 3 phones sold in India come with scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3!"

    After looking at the tweet we technology enthusiasts came across this and resolved the confusion which was created with Xiaomi Mi3 phone's being having a Gorilla Glass. The scene of confusion was created when the Official Corning Gorilla Glass website have not listed the name of Xiaomi in their products list. But according to this Corning Gorilla Glass company, there were some cross promotional agreements due to which the company states on their official website on their products lists;

    "The manufacturers and devices detailed on these webpages are the only manufacturers authorized to use the Corning Gorilla Glass trademark in their device promotions. Select device manufacturers have not been willing to provide Gorilla Glass model verification."

    According to this, not all the products have a trademark infringement but for Xiaomi we can understand that the company is providing us with Gorilla Glass but only due to some agreement on cross platform promotion we dont have a scene.

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    Re: All Xiaomi Redmi Mi3 phones launched in India are protected with Gorilla Glass 3, clarified by Xiaomi

    Xiaomi has launched the device on Flipkart yesterday and due to there were many pre-orders and registration, all the Xiaomi Mi3 went out of stock. The company have promised us to provide with more phone's by 29th of June. So, all the people out there who is willing to buy the Xiaomi Mi3 have to wait for a week. Make the registration on flipkart for the phone, neither it would be possible that all the Xiaomi Mi3 will go out of stock again.

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