GooPhone a China based manufacturer which makes the clone for Samsung and Apple has come with another device now. Its a wearable which Apple might be releasing as its first wearable watch also known as Apple iWatch. When we have a look at the device it looks like as if its a smartband with pedometer features on it, but still the features are not confirmed yet.

So lets not think and expect more from this watch. Its priced at $50 which is quite a good price for a clone. So people who also prefer clone can buy the watch. There's no information on the specification of this watch but we would expect more news on this watch soon.

As the GooPhone is happy for producing the copy of iWatch first before anyone else did, there are many users who would love to get the hands on the watch. Maybe this would happen that there would be no exact or similar features which Apple will give on its iWatch but really how many people would think on it. So that's the preference of different people who wants to buy the real thing or stay happy with clone's.