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Thread: Files disappear on Time Capsule

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    Files disappear on Time Capsule

    I had copied a few files on Time Capsule. This thing is the default backup place of our network. And somehow this thing has a issue. Around 4 Mac pc are backed up on Time Capsule. We had connected it through wifi network. It is not having any lan connection.

    Now when I checked in Time Capsule a lot amount of files are missing. Luckily I checked that in the first week. I thought once it is setup we don't have to worry about file backup. But this thing is not reliable. Is there a way to recovery those files.

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    Re: Files disappear on Time Capsule

    The problem is with your settings stuff. And you have to check that. I am quite sure your time capsules settings are not proper. You have to configured it properly to save the files. You must check the manual once again. And this time try to do the same properly. To recover there are less options. Still you can try restarting it. Once the drive appear in your system go back in the drive and check. I am quite sure the file will be there. Because Time Capsule does not delete things on its own.

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    Re: Files disappear on Time Capsule

    Always keep different backup options. Do not just stick with a single one. It is complicated to recovery files if things does not go well properly. Most of the Time Capsule works well, but you must also have a plan b. You can go with so many free online cloud solutions. Like Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud, etc.

    They give you quiet a huge amount of space to store your files. And if you want more you can buy space as per your need. It is also cheaper. This time sync your files with cloud also.

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