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Thread: Top 10 Features of Android L OS

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    Top 10 Features of Android L OS

    Android L is the new face of android. This OS brings a lot of new changes and are done instantly. At first, many were thinking that upcoming android version would follow the same stock UI. But things have changed now. This time Google is bringing something very different. A new OS with new features.

    Today we are going to discuss around 10 best features of this upcoming Android operating system. And all these features are worth to discuss. Google is surely trying to make the android platform more better by making a new UI called as Material Design. But it is sure that Android L is not going to work on any device. It is limited to some Smartphone's only. Lets checkout all of them.

    Material design:

    This is something new and unique and it is getting a wide acceptance. Material Design is the base of Android L. It brings much better UI and bit of animation with lots of colors on the phone's screen. You have option to change the transition animation between screen. And the user interaction with the device usage is also simplified. This changes a lot of thing. I am quite sure after having this you won't like to use any launcher on your phone. Material L is the new identity of android.

    There are new screen elements that brings out automatic shadow and scaling. This gives a rich look on the phone with a much improved navigation. The screen layout will be a bit different and consist of all common shapes and design. You can access your app faster, you can add smart widgets on the lock screen, etc. The UI is will be great this time. Another core feature of Material design its web design response. That means you can check emails and on that in more better way.

    Improved notifications:

    Notification bar is a kind of message center of android device. And in Android L you are going to get a new one. This time you can get your notification directly on the lock screen. You can check the detail of the same by tapping on it.

    The message are displayed in the form of snippets. And when you tap the respective app option. This save your time. You don't have to unlock your phone and check the notification. You can just have the glimpse of the same on the lockscreen itself. The new notification is fast and amazing.

    Trusted environments:

    This is something new here. If you are using a wearable device like android wear the lock screen remain secured through trusted environment. The phone will automatically give you a code which is used for making the device sync with other properly. That means no one can just turn on its Bluetooth and establish a connection with your device. This trusted environment is going to bring out more security.
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    Re: Top 10 Features of Android L OS

    Battery Improvements:

    Google has promised to have a more better battery life on Android L. That is why the entire UI is tweaked and you get something new. This time the battery improvement will be lot more better than before. Android L will have smart tools which will help you the entire battery usage. And you can also protect the battery from draining fast. The apps which will run on the same are optimized. Android L will come loaded with a battery saver mode that will also ensure that third apps does not drain your battery.

    Google Fit:

    Google is also emphasizing on fitness apps this time. This is the first time Google is taking initiative in providing a fitness application integrated directly in Android L. You get nice health info from the same and also you can track your activity. Google Fit is a framework where many health and fitness apps are going to work. You can connect your smart watch and get your details on the watch screen instantly.

    Greater Web integration:

    Web Integration means you can view your emails and website in a more better way. Android L supports more web elements. You can play different type of videos, you can download files or simply fill up forms on the same. You can write a email and do a lot more thing. Web integration help you to use many web based apps very effectively. This is essential part here. Google Chrome will come pre-installed. You can get ample of great features here.

    ART Runtime:

    This thing is for developers. ART Runtime brings up a new type of apk architecture on Android L. This thing I compatible with Dalvik. This would help the developers to build more better apps and also troubleshoot a number of problem with the compatibilities. This is present in current android devices. You cannot run a new app on old android version. But when you have Android L you don't have to worry about the compatibility thing. This also brings a huge amount of optimization from the device.
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    Re: Top 10 Features of Android L OS

    Android Extension Pack:

    Android Extension Pack or AEP will help the devices to work better. Google is working with many hardware vendors this time to give you the most amazing graphic quality on your device. You can enjoy more better gaming. You get amazing graphic quality at reasonable hardware.


    This is introduced lately in Android L. Through Knox, different enterprises can allow usage of mobile devices more effectively. It help them to configure proper work related policies on the device. This will help the employee to keep a gap between their personal and professional data. And also runs company dedicated applications.
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