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Thread: Audio over HDMI port for HTPC

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    Audio over HDMI port for HTPC

    I am going to swap my graphic card on a htpc. And this will be connected to a TV. I want to know that does audio output will work over single hdmi output. In pc we have a sound card and the audio is mange separately. But in TV we have a single cable which is hdmi only. I want to confirm this before making changing so that nothing wrong happens one I had done with setting up the pc. In graphic card there is no separate option for audio. And I am unable to find any audio cable that will connect to TV and pc.

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    Re: Audio over HDMI port for HTPC

    Yes the audio will work over hdmi. But I am doubtful about the quality. I think Dolby sound and TrueHD is not going to work here. For that you have to try something else. In regular TV setup you have to connect the hdmi cable. The audio and video is manage by the cable along.

    The output quality on the same also depend on the cable quality. You can test that first before making final changes. So that if you are having any issue you can resolve that before. And once you are done with the setup it will be not easy to fix things.

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    Re: Audio over HDMI port for HTPC

    There are some settings you have to do for configuring audio over hdmi. For that you have to go in control panel. Just go in that and click on hardware and click on the sound section. You have to later on click on audio devices.

    Set the hdmi connection as default one. You have to do this if the audio is not working or if the pc is not able to set the default audio device. And just reboot and check.

    This will work well. For sound effects you have to check the TV audio settings. You can enable Dolby from there.

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