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Thread: Xiaomi Redmi review

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    Xiaomi Redmi review

    Xiaomi is getting popularity due to its amazing products at reasonable price. They also made their pretty good market in India recently and now moving ahead to next region. This company surely has a bright future in the Smartphone line, if it continuous to deliver high end phones, at such cheaper prices. Today we are going to talk about the recently launched Xiaomi Redmi. This is the first handset which was officially released by Xiaomi in other parts of the world. Before Xiaomi was limited to China only. Due to their increasing popularity they finally decided to setup outside China. Xiaomi is now selling its devices in Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and recently in India. They also have a international vendor site from where you can order the device, but might have some problem while claiming warranty. Xiaomi Redmi falls in the affordable Smartphone category. It is a good budget phone for all those who need value for money product.

    This phone is sold at $133 in the international market and brings you ample of great features which no other devices can provide. The price would differed based on the region. Xiaomi also sells more better phones compare to Xiaomi Redmi. Like the MI3 edition which is announced for Rs.14000 in India, will bring the Snapdragon 800 chipset and 1GB RAM. It is affordable and high end. Compare to that Xiaomi Redmi falls in the entry level category but it is a good device. It is a Quad core phone that brings you a mid range hardware with decent performance. The actual cost of this phone in internal market lies around $169 that make around Rs.8200 in India if we exclude the shipping cost. It bring attractive design and a optimized MIUI interface through which you can work faster on the phone. It is great for day to day usage and for gaming also.

    Design and Packaging:

    Xiaomi Redmi does not brings much when it comes to design. From my point it is not a durable phone. But it is good to handle. It gives you a rectangular shape with tiny curved corners. It has a 4.7inch IPS display on the front side which brings a max resolution of 1280x720. This is more than enough for a standard phone. You can check your images in detailed and also have fun while watching videos. You can enjoy a good resolution screen here with smooth interface and also clear text. This makes reading very comfortable and fast. The touch is very impressive. It looks the screen hold a very thin glass at the top that can be collect scratches really fast. You can use a good quality screen guard or a flip cover to protect the phone from the damage.

    You don't have to worry about the phone quality here. The body is plastic but it is sold. When you hold it in the hand you will feel that. It is quiet true that many are not happy with low quality china phone which has sold on a large quantity around the globe. Xiaomi Redmi is different. It is not like those clone china mobiles. I quiet satisfied with the build material here. You can use a good protective case that makes handling more easier. The phone brings out all traditional connectivity buttons on the side. There is nothing special here. It runs on a 2000mAH battery that power the phone for entire day if you use it wisely. AT the backside lies the camera and speaker with different back cover. You have to decide the color at the time of buying.

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    Re: Xiaomi Redmi review

    UI and Features::

    Xiaomi Redmi brings a 3G connectivity dual sim slot. And this sim works with all network around the world. Dual sim offer you to carry two numbers so that you can have more talk. It is good to have a dual sim support. I first thought this phone will have a single sim slot which might not be a good feature. Internet speed is good on the device. The network chip inside looks to be strong. I had seen the 3G speed on this phone is faster compare to a few other android phone I have.

    Xiaomi Redmi runs on Android Jellybean operating system. And it comes with its own proprietary android UI which is called as MIUI. It has v5. MIUI is designed to offer good speed and fast output. It is simple and works really well. I am quite happy to find this optimized UI instead of relying on the stock rom. This surely add more features and give you additional benefit associated with phone management.

    You have all the apps on the home screen directly which are easy to access with simple notification bar. Swipe gestures are easy to learn here. You will not find any complication in u sing the phone. Miui brings you a tweaked interface. There is no app drawer here. All the apps are placed on the home screen which are accessible through scrolling. Here Xiaomi Redmi is following the UI of Huawei Honor 3X. And above all MIUI is fully customizable.

    That means you can make changes as per your need. You can add your favorite apps on the home screen or just modify the look. This is a benefit here because you won't have to use any additional launcher in the device. You can also turn on a LiteMode in the launcher that makes thing more easier. This help you to get less swipe stuff. The phone comes loaded with all Google apps. It also comes with Swift Key Pro. If you are not happy with the android keyboard then you can go ahead using Swift Key Pro.

    Camera and video::

    Being a budget phone it is quiet not fair to expect more from the camera. But Xiaomi Redmi breaks the conception. This device brings you a god dual camera support here. It has a nice 1.3MP camera on the front side where you can go ahead with hd video chatting and a 8 mp primary camera on the back side. I was surprised to find the quality of front camera on this budget phone. Both the camera works really well.

    The Quad core processor handles images processing well. You can take different type of photos through the default camera app. Xiaomi Redmi has the camera quality which you can find in high end phones. It also brings up dual led support so that you can still take great photos in dark. The camera app brings out the features like Zero shutter lag, face recognition, high dynamic range (HDR), real-time filters, etc.


    Xiaomi Redmi has a 1.5GHz MediaTek MT6589T processor and it has 1GB RAM. This kind of hardware is quiet enough for your day to day usage. You can install and run different types of application on the same and the device wont lag or freeze. It also has a good amount of 3d gaming support. You can install different games and they will work really fine. I was not expecting a good gaming output because of the gpu. But still those users who are looking for a gaming performance device can go with the same.

    I played games like Asphalt 8 that work really well. There is no lagging or freezing issue on the same. If you leave high end gaming aside you can go with mid range and play games like Angry Birds. You can install as many as you want depending on the storage. Xiaomi Redmi offer you 4GB storage you have to anyhow expand the same using a memory card.

    The call quality is also great here. For speaker you can expect a good audio volume. The sound level are great. This device runs on a 2,000mAh battery. This does not makes it weak in battery usage but a quiet nice device. This is because of MIUI. The ui does not consume much power. If you use the phone wisely I am quite sure you can use it for the entire day.

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    Re: Xiaomi Redmi review


    As per the cost I am quite sure Xiaomi Redmi is a good phone. But it is not directly available for sale in India. We have to buy that from the official site where it is sold for $169. Xiaomi Redmi is one of the best budget phone according to me. It has a great output and the performance is just amazing. You can go ahead installing different apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and they will work well. It does not lag or freeze from any angle.

    The phone is available online. It is essential that you can check the warranty status if you are willing to go with the international model. Xiaomi Redmi is a good budget phone that bring an amazing screen quality and decent hardware. That makes it a must to have phone. Being a international model the phones does not brings 4G connectivity.

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