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Thread: Why Rooting is necessary for Android devices

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    Why Rooting is necessary for Android devices

    What is Rooting? Do I need to root my phone? Will my phone will stay under warranty even after rooting? Why is it important? all these questions will be answered while you start reading.

    Rooting an Android device means to get Root Privileges for certain things which the developer of a specific app or game or even your manufacturer of the phone doesn't allow. Gaining Root access means to get administrative permissions for editing or changing something.

    People who are bored of staying stock can start with rooting their android phones. People who wants to change their user interface, wants to install custom roms, wants to put cheat on their games, wants to delete system apps which they don't like can root their android device.

    Once you have rooted your android phone, your phone will no longer be under warranty. Yes you will not be helped by the service centers if your phone is rooted. Warranty gets void after rooting the device, and no phone manufacturer will accept your phone for any damaged caused and will not fix your device.

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    Re: Why Rooting is necessary for Android devices

    Let's find out Pros and Cons of Rooting:


    Rooting an android phone is just an awesome job to do. You are not bound to use the same apps or games as the developers have given you. You can install all the custom roms which are build by third party rom developers. It lets you access all the system file and even you can hack into the root of your android operating system.

    You can change the kernels, update the recovery, and do various other things which are cool. Rooting is the first step towards enjoying Androids real power and using tweaks which you cant do by staying on stock android. You can install all those features which your device have not come up with. For E.g. if your developer doesn't support TV animation lockscreen you can get that by rooting your device.

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    Re: Why Rooting is necessary for Android devices


    You can change your boot animations, lock screen and your android versions too. If your device cannot run the latest operating system which is Android 4.4. kitkat, you can still install custom roms and can enjoy Android 4.4. KitKat unofficially. You can change the themes, change the fonts, and you you can tweak your phones cpu to overclock it and enjoy performance which your phone have never seen.

    Rooting is really cool but every good things has its bad face. Your warranty will be voided, you can even crash your phones operating system if you are a total geek and dont know what to do and how to do. so all the best with this information and make your own choice for rooting your device or for staying on stock android.

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