Group Skype Video calling was a paid feature before and now Microsoft have announced the Modern Skype app with group video calls. When Microsoft announced the free group video calling in April, that feature was already available on Skype for Windows , Mac and Xbox. But it was on a paid subscription at a fee of $8.99 per month.

The new Skype App also add a Screen Sharing feature with upto 3 to 10 people, but recommendation is of 5 for smooth performance. The Modern Skype app group video calls has been optimized for 4 people including you. Still we can make a group video call between 10 participants. But this is not yet clear whether this app can support screen sharing.

For making a group video call, you can start the Skype app on Modern Windows and Create Group, then select the number of participants and tap Add button. The group call will start as an instant messaging session, but you can tap Camera button to start video.