Apple iPhone 6 which was going to launch this fall is been delayed due to a technical touchscreen issue on the edges of the phone. Apple said, it will not launch the phone until the screen issue is sorted for the bigger variant of iPhone 6, as per the sources.

iPhone 6 the 5.5 inch version is facing a touch sensitivity issue on the edges of its display. All this rumour could be true according to many of the different sources. iPhone 6 the 4.7 inch variant is up and ready to get launch this fall as it doesn't have any screen issues like its big brother.

Many phones started making large screen smartphones way long back. Samsung a rival to Apple in Smartphones is somewhat facing a 10% decline in its sale due to many other Chinese brand Android devices. Samsung have to plan out something before the Apple iPhone 6 gets launch in order to cope up with its sales.

We can get our beloved iPhone 6, 4.7 inch version this september and maybe soon it will reach the Indian market too. For other updates regarding iphone 6 you can just stay connected this site