A few days ago I bought a Toshiba notebook that I've been quite happy, since it was my first notebook, but the hours passed I started having problems with wireless it. Really did not know what the problem was causing these cuts, at first I thought it was problem of my Wi-Fi router, but luckily it was not, as other wireless devices worked perfectly, therefore I assumed the problem was My Notebook.

The problem itself was not a problem if the signal from the Notebook was very low, apparently some laptops have the factory settings so that the battery is not consumed as fast, but actually that's not a solution, but more While a problem.

How to increase the WiFi signal?

In the end the solution is easier than the problem and then we will explain the steps to resolve it:
1 - Click the Start button and therefore in control panel.
2 - Right click icon above the "Network Connections" and properties
3 - Configuration
4 - Advanced

5 - You will find the options "Transmit Power Management and Power"
6 - You will put the bars at full power
7 - You keep the change and restart the computer.
In your next wireless connections you can see how they do not cut or a failed.