99$ Tablet! Are you thinking about China, Yes! Well the Chinese manufacturer Cube, Pipo, Ramos are the brands which have made a good reputation among other Tablet manufacturers. If you are tired of Chinese Tablets then you have a good chance of getting a brand tablet at 99$. Windows OS tablets are all set to launch this year.

Windows licensing terms and conditions state that, if any manufacturer wants to produce tablet under 9.0 inches then Microsoft will give the Windows OS licence without any cost, as per their relaxed policy. And the idea of 99$ tablet goes in the same plan.

Kevin Turner - Microsoft CEO, showed in his presentation, Microsoft only have a 14% OS share in the OS space. Turner stated, we have a good oppurtunity then we ever had in the past to grow our business, and also by thinking how we look at the business.

So lets see what the Microsoft and their tied manufacturers has to offer this year. The idea of 99$ sounds really good for both the Manufacturers and Consumers. Stay connected for further updates.