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Thread: Apple iPad 3 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 N

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    Apple iPad 3 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 N

    Hello, Would soon replace my iPad 1, because the work that has iOS 5 simply is just a pain (especially surfing with Safari, constant crashes, slow and miserable reloading the tab for long web pages and extremely annoying). The hardware requirements seem to have gone up extremely since iOS 5. Since I switched recently from the iPhone 4 on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I have now become familiar with Android, with all its advantages and disadvantages. To me it is all about the tactile component, so the quality of housing, weight and thickness of the tablet. Unfortunately I could not take the Galaxy Tab in hand. The iPad is one I definitely have become too heavy to hold in landscape mode with a manual is not very comfortable in the long run. Has anyone ever tried the Galaxy Tab? What are your experiences? Except for the operating system, which pad makes a better impression?

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    Re: Apple iPad 3 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 N

    The new iPad had probably not many in the hand, but did not differ from the touch of 2. The iPad weighs nearly 100g more than the Samsung (570g to 662g). Thus, the weight difference is noticeable. It weighs about 680g iPad 1, is thus only 18g heavier than the new. Maybe this link will help you further: Apple iPad 3 vs iPad 2 Comparison

    However, you will have no other choice than to your local electronics stores to go in order to compare the two directly. The new retina display would be for me but the crucial point of the Galaxy prefers an iPad day. Also you already own other Apple peripherals so that the synchronization of the icloud would speak again of course for the iPad.

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    Re: Apple iPad 3 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 N

    Galaxy Tab from past 4 days using it. The thing was a disaster. Laggy at all corners and end, upscaled apps. Also, the AppStore is no comparison to the offer for the Apple iPad offers. The Galaxy Tab is all around from plastic, so of course easier. In my opinion, I would not change even against an iPad first.

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