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Thread: Is it possible to root Android Wear?

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    Is it possible to root Android Wear?

    Android Wear also runs on a different version of Android OS. So there might be chances to root it and install some custom rom on the same. Till yet I had not found any information based on rooting stuff. But I had seen that you can install clockwork recovery on the same.

    But how. If rooting goes similar to android then it will be simpler. But Android wear does not have any kind of external storage solution. The apps which are available for this smart watch is also different. It is not like what we get on Google Play.

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    Re: Is it possible to root Android Wear?

    Yes you can root that. But I do not think there is any benefit of the same. Android Wear is a smart watch. Through rooting you can just take the backup of internal rom. Thatís it or removes apps which you donít want.

    There is hardly any custom rom available for the same. And remember that there can be bugs if you root and modify the firmware. I am quite sure the connectivity with mobile phone will be affected.

    So better stick with the default firmware. Rooting and adding rom would be better in upcoming models which would be better.

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    Re: Is it possible to root Android Wear?

    You can do that through android adb. The process which is commonly used for unlocking boot loader. You have to install android adb in our system first and through cmd you can start with unlocking the bootloader for Android Wear.

    The next step is then to root the same and you can go ahead with installing clockwork mod also on the same. Without unlocking the boot loader there is nothing you can use. You can install different available firmware through cmd using the same adb bridge.

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