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Thread: What is the best thing about Android Wear?

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    What is the best thing about Android Wear?

    Android Wear is an entirely a new concept by Google. This is being really in news from long time. Before that Galaxy Gear took a bit attention but due to a very high price I am quite sure people were not much interested in buying that.

    Today there are two Android Wear models. One by LG and another one by Samsung. A cheaper one. I want to know how it can beneficial to someone. Anyhow you are going to pull out your phone to checkout notification. Does buying an extra gadget can be helpful?

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    Re: What is the best thing about Android Wear?

    Android Wear has just started in the first phase. That means it is a new and people would need time to adjust with that. What I found that Android Wear is nothing more than a mirror of your phone.

    You have the big screen in your pocket and a small one on your wrist. This sync with Bluetooth. When you get a message you donít have to pull out your phone. You can check that on the smart watch.

    You can reply to a message, play audio, etc. It is a handy accessories but I hope this would bring out more features.

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    Re: What is the best thing about Android Wear?

    One of the biggest things that cause people to stack back is the price. That makes it heavy on the pocket. Android Wear might be very promising but I am not really sure there are many who are going to adopt the same. I had seen a demo of the same on web and found that it is nothing more than a costly watch.

    It might facilitate people with the output, but I hope it would be helpful for busy people. It is mostly designed for the easy usage stuff. You get all things on the home screen and you can work on it without removing your phone.

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