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Thread: How TextSecure works on encrypting text message

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    How TextSecure works on encrypting text message

    I found one app called as TextSecure. This app has a feature of encrypting the file. I am not able to understand how this really work. If I send a message to anyone then how will it reach. Does this send message over internet connection.

    And does it is essential for a person on the other end to have the same in his phone. If it works on internet then it is just like WhatsApp. Another kind of chat messenger. I had seen it on a article that it is good for sending secure message. Which is encrypted and hard for anyone to read.

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    Re: How TextSecure works on encrypting text message

    Text Secure works by sending your message over wifi and mobile network. When you install the app it will replace the default messaging app from the phone. And you can send message through Text Secure.

    It is really safe to use this. It happens that sometime you might feel that people spying on your messages. And you are not secure to share private information.

    You can then use Text Secure app for the same. This app is free to use and has a simple messaging interface. It is not a chat messenger.

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    Re: How TextSecure works on encrypting text message

    I do not think anyone would need such app. We already have so many chat messengers you can use them to send messages. You don't have to use your telecom network also for that. WhatsApp type of apps works well on 2G network. There are just text in the same. Apps that comes with password lock feature are good. Like a app to app communication where the text message are locked by a password. This will block anyone to access the same. For such apps both the parties should install to use it.

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