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Thread: Does Buzz launcher has as malware

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    Does Buzz launcher has as malware

    Just want to confirm that does Buzz launcher has a malware in it. I am using this from a week and I change the home pack daily. I add a new one. I am using HTC M8. The launcher just look amazing on the screen. But there is a bit issue with the same. HTC M8 is a nice high end phone. Whenever I use Buzz launcher it freezes. And on default the phone works really fine. It is fast and all apps starts instantly. But through buzz launcher things are very slow. This can be some kind of security problem.

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    Re: Does Buzz launcher has as malware

    I am using this on a Micromax Canvas and the launcher is just great. It works nicely. I am also using home packs after every two or three days. The launcher does not freeze or lag. I think in your cause you are having some other issue.

    If you think there is a malware or any security issue try a antivirus. Go on Google Play and download a free antivirus. AVG will be good. Scan your pc through this and check. If there is any threat detected then remove the launcher.

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    Re: Does Buzz launcher has as malware

    Buzz launcher is very light in usage. I am using that on a old phone. The new home pack in it really add amazing looks on the home screen. The benefit of using Buzz launcher is that it light. When you are applying home pack try to check the full size. If it is heavy then skip using it. Go for the light one. Some home packs in that will ask you to install new widgets. If they are not present then some functions will not work and this can led to freezing. Just check that you had installed all the widgets associated with the launcher.

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