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Thread: What does 'L' stands for in Android L

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    What does 'L' stands for in Android L

    Google just released the developer preview of its upcoming Android operating system. It is called as Android L. Before this Google released Kitkat. This is the first time, Google is using a short form which is "L". Does anyone know what is this L in Android L actually?

    It can be a short form of some new android version. Google always uses name of food in its operating system. And I guess the L must also be some kind of new android update. And Google has not unveiled anything about the same. Any idea what is L ??

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    Re: What does 'L' stands for in Android L

    It can be Lollypop. Before many where say using Key Lime Pie. But as Google named is Android L, then it can be most probably Lollypop. Google always keep fancy names of its android operating system.

    Even in the developer preview the full form is not mentioned. The version is also missing. It was said that it would be Android 5.0. We have to wait back for the final update when it is released for everyone in the market. Then only we can know what is the actual version of this android os.

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    Re: What does 'L' stands for in Android L

    Yes the OS version is missing. I had seen some sites claiming that as Android 5.0. But this is not confirmed. The latest version of android which is released yet is Android 4.4.4. And the 5.0 is skipped and Google directly released Android L. This is just with a name. There is no detailed information on its version. It is right that we have to wait back when this update is made live on all devices and tablets in the market. There might be chances that through build number we can locate the actual version.

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    Re: What does 'L' stands for in Android L

    There could be many things Google might have though for L in Android L. Here are some of them:

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