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Thread: How to use Do Not Disturb mode in Android L OS

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    How to use Do Not Disturb mode in Android L OS

    In Android there is no do not disturb type of feature so far. Like a button in notification panel. You can tap on that and phone goes in some kind of sleep mode.

    But, I read in some articles that Android L is going to have this do not disturb option. But how to use that. Does this thing is going to put the phone on silent mode or it is going to shut it off?

    Android L is going to bring out amazing new features and I am quite sure this is going to help a lot. I hope this will be also easy to use.

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    Re: How to use Do Not Disturb mode in Android L OS

    Android L has a dedicated section for Do not Disturb. This is a very smart feature that many people want. And this is very easy to use. To use that you have to go in the settings. Where you have a do not disturb tab. And you can customize it as per your need. Like you can block all phone calls, messages, at that time. You can tell the phone to switch off alarm, etc. This feature is smart. But I am not sure whether you can enable or disable that from the notification panel. We have to wait back until this OS is out in the market.

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    Re: How to use Do Not Disturb mode in Android L OS

    Do not disturb is not very unique. If you do not want to take calls you can put your phone on silent. What I want is a smart call filter. Like there are too many sales calls. And through this smart call filter we can block them permanently.

    This settings must be saved on the cloud. So that anyone who is using the app can take the benefit from database. Today spam message and spam calls are rising a lot. Android L must bring out a new type of contact where we can mark phones numbers as important. Even the phone if on silent mode or on do not disturb mode should ring.

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