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Thread: How to Switch On and Off LG G Watch

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    How to Switch On and Off LG G Watch

    LG G Watch is a good android wear watch. My friend has this one. I was testing out the same. He gave me the same for usage. I am trying to connect the same to my mobile phone. There is one thing I found that there is no way to turn this thing off. I had tried to look on the settings and check all the buttons. But this is bit weird. You can turn that off if you are not using it and that would save a bit battery also. Does anyone knows how to turn off this watch?

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    Re: How to Switch On and Off LG G Watch

    That is bit tricky on LG G watch. I know the way to switch it off. This watch is not having any power on and power off button. That is why it is bit confusing to switch it on/off. To turn off you have to tap on the watch screen for some time.

    You get a speak now menu. Just scroll to the lowest. There you can find another things called as settings. Tap on the same. And you get more options in it. This is the settings menu. Again scroll to the lowest part and there you can see a power off button. There is a restart option also. Tap on that to turn off.

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    Re: How to Switch On and Off LG G Watch

    Turning off is the half thing. To turn it on is another tricky process. In Smartphone you have the power on and off button. And in this android watch it is missing. To turn it on back again you have to put in on charging. You need the charging cradel for that. This is like the dock. Just put the watch on charging and then see. The watch will turn on automatically. And then you can work. There must be some kind of dedicated key to make this thing work. But it is missing.

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