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Thread: How to limit RAM usage by system in Windows

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    How to limit RAM usage by system in Windows

    I want some way through which I can limit the ram usage. I have 4GB ram and around 3.6GB is used up. Firefox is using the maximum one. I just open 4 tabs and that's it. Now if I launch any game it will lag. Does windows is having a ram management kind of thing.

    Like I can limit every app and service to reduce a limited amount of ram only. For example if Firefox cannot use more than 100MB. It must crash or restart. In the same way there are many services. Like the antivirus, downloader, etc.

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    Re: How to limit RAM usage by system in Windows

    Yes you can do that. You cannot restrict ram usage for each and every app. But you can restrict the maximum ram usage for all processes in your system.

    For that you have to type msconfig in the start menu and go in the boot tab. There you have to click on Advance option. At the right side you can see a box as maximum memory. Click on that and set the limit. Like 2000MB for 2GB approx.

    Just reboot your pc and check back. I am quite sure after this the system will not eat up much ram.

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    Re: How to limit RAM usage by system in Windows

    There is a problem with this procedure. First you have to add a tick on make all boot settings permanent before applying the above settings. And once you are done with that Windows will only use 2GB of ram. Other will remain blank. Even if you try to play games windows will try to use the 2GB ram only.

    Here if you want to boot your system output then you can use ready boost. You just need a 3.0 usb. Atleast a 16GB one. Connect that to your pc and configure a part of pen drive for ready boost. The system will get more virtual ram.

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