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Thread: Windows 8.1 Mail app not working

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    Windows 8.1 Mail app not working

    I am having a bit issue while using Windows 8.1 Mail app on my dell laptop. I am using the same since two years. I had recently updated to windows 8.1 os over Windows 8. The system is updated and works well. I am still unable to figure why the Mail app is not working. I had configured my live id on the same and it is not downloading any mails.

    I can see a few errors on the same. My net speed is good and things are working fine. Does anyone know how to fix this thing? Please help.

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    Re: Windows 8.1 Mail app not working

    This is not a serious problem. There can be some problem with the application configuration which is causing the issue. Most of the time if you get error Windows fixes the problem itself by required windows update. So you have to check that once. Run windows update first.

    Just for testing purpose check whether windows firewall is not blocking the application. Try to reconfigure it once again by deleting the account. And add the same back again. Your email settings must be correct to use mail application.

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    Re: Windows 8.1 Mail app not working

    This kind of problem occurs due to various reasons. Like inappropriate mail settings. Most of the time mail app pulls the pop/smtp settings on its own. But some time you have to configure it manually.

    The issue is also due to damage mails. Or outdated application. Go in windows update and see whether there are any pending updates left in the system. Install it and test back.

    If this does not work then I will recommend you to go with thunderbird. It is a good lightweight mail client.

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    Re: Windows 8.1 Mail app not working

    Yes, Windows 8.1 has certain problems. Mail app trouble is one of them. Mail app, which is as default app on Windows 8.1 stop supporting POP mail although POP mail is the broadly used email protocols. To solve this issue, you can get a third-party mail app or utilize Windows Live Mail in the desktop mode.

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