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Thread: Wickedleak Wammy Neo Review

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    Wickedleak Wammy Neo Review


    World is moving on with new gadgets and technology and most essential gadget is smartphone. Leading mobile company is surrounded with great challenge of making powerful smartphone but in budget price section. Powerful smartphone with high price is normal talk now a days but company who provides super hardware specifications in budget price then that company has right to conquer the competition in the market. Wickedleak is one of those companies who provide super smartphones but the price of the phone never exceeds the budget. It’s the only reason why Wammy is gaining popularity globally. Wickedleak is not popular in India but apart from Indian market Wammy has collected huger round applause globally.

    Wickedleak has knocked the market with its new flagship named Wickedleak Wammy Neo. Phone posses all the essential hardware specifications which are enough to drag the attention of the smartphone users. In the review of Wickedleak Wammy Neo we will dig deep into the phone to explore whether this phone really has a potential to outclass other mid-range phones of other smartphone companies.

    Before going into the testing, let's have a look at its highlights:

    • Android 4.2 JellyBean operating system, upgradeable to KitKat
    • Dual SIM
    • 5 inch HD touch screen display
    • 1280 x 720 pixels resolution
    • 1.7 GHz Octa-Core MediaTek MT6592 processor
    • 2GB of RAM
    • Mali MP GPU
    • 13 Megapixel rear camera with LED Flash
    • 5 Megapixel front-facing camera
    • 1080p video recording
    • 8GB internal storage, expandable upto 32 GB using MicroSD card
    • 3G, Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth, and GPS
    • 2220 mAh battery

    Design and Packaging:

    Design of the phone is quite impressive and is carved so well to earn the praise and some good comments. Build of the phone looks cool with huge display of 5 inch but overall the phone looks handy and is designed so cleverly that you can reach out to its hardware buttons like volume rocker and power button while using with one hand. Body of the phone is plastic but has tough and good material which allows you have handy grip on the phone. As the phone is plastic it will result in slipping from the hands and will be prone to finger prints. Budgetary phones are normally heavy but Wammy Neo is very light weighing only 150 grams and 7.7mm in thickness which is equivalent to Apple iPhone 5S. Company has made changes in the logo in its flagship, now logo covers almost full back of the phone.

    Phone will look similar like Nokia Lumia 620 as back panel of the phone covers the back and extend to the sides of the phone. Front of the phone is covered with One-Glass solution display of 5-inch, capacitive touch buttons, front camera and couple of sensors with earpiece. Display of the phone is revolutionary and we have found One-Glass solution display on Wickedleak’s previous flagship too. Below the display lies capacitive touch buttons of back, home and options menu while above the display is placed with ear-piece, sensors and front camera. Back of the phone has 13MP camera shooter with flash on the left top and logo of Wickedleak covering almost full back.

    Below the logo it has branding of AquaProtect which means phone is water resistant but this feature is optional. Left bottom of the phone is placed with loudspeaker of the phone. Sides of the phone are designed smartly to make use of all hardware buttons with one hand. Left side of the phone has volume rocker buttons and right side has power on/off button and both the buttons are placed at the centre of side panel. Down side of the phone has microUSB slot to connect charger and USB connection whereas top of the phone has 3.5mm audio jack to insert earplugs.
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    Re: Wickedleak Wammy Neo Review

    Display / Screen:

    Wammy Neo has taken good care while fixing display hardware because when phone is carved with good body, other features of the phone should also be taken care so that it meets the users requirement. Wammy Neo is budget phone but still has got good display features. Display of the phone is made up of One-Glass solution which helps you to enjoy smooth interface of the phone. One-Glass solution is used for the prime reason of eliminating layer in the display; in short it eliminates gaps between touch digitizer and LCD of your smartphone.

    Wammy Neo will feature 5-inch display with resolution of 1280x720 pixels with compact pixel density to produce good and vibrant output. Wammy Neo’s display produces fine viewing angle so you can enjoy games and videos on your phone with different viewing angle. Legibility under sun can be said to be average as screen is not so powerful to manage response under bright light. Wholly the display of the phone is pretty good with respect to the price quoted to it.

    Operating System and UI:

    Wammy Neo falls behind in this section because OS installed in this phone is primitive. Wammy Neo is running on Android 4.2.2 Jellybean but phone is said to have further update till 4.4.2 Kitkat version. Interface of the phone is smooth but there is no customization in terms of look and feel. Wickedleak has added some impressive features like S View Windows Touch, the ability to change LED notification color and the ability to use the phone with gestures. OS is pretty much like stock Android 4.2.2 Jellybean with no extra features. Phone comes with flip cover which helps you to access notifications and music without opening flip cover.


    Now this is the real part of the review because no matter how the phone is given with design and display features but if the performance of the phone is not up to the mark all will fail. Core of the phone should be responsive and should be able to handle all the stress triggered by user. To get the hardware specification impressive and responsive Wammy Neo is powered with Octa-core processor and 2GB RAM to carry out all the computing on your phone.

    If you want to handle multiple apps or work at the same time do not worry your phone is powered with eight core processors which will smoothly handle all events. 2GB of physical memory will benefit in multi-tasking your process to carry out smooth and efficient computing. Wammy Neo has ample of space to store your favorite stuffs, phone is given with 8GB internal space and can be further increased with the help of memory card.
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    Re: Wickedleak Wammy Neo Review

    Camera Quality:

    Being a budget phone, still Wammy Neo boasts its super megapixels in terms of number. Wammy Neo is introduced with 13MP camera shooter for sharp and vibrant click of images. We all know that number in megapixel hardly matter unless your camera hardware doesn’t deliver the best shot. Wammy Neo has 13MP camera shooter but compare to other phones with 13MP in the market it produces little less quality in picture captured. You will not enjoy rich tone of colors and sharpness but you can definitely enjoy natural and stable images.

    Outdoor shooting with 13MP camera lens will justify its number whereas if you capture image in low-light condition it comes out grainy and blurred. 13MP camera will definitely shoot videos at 1080p resolution which comes smooth and clear. Wammy Neo is given with 5MP front camera which is enough to take your clear selfie and to make video call.

    Battery Life:

    Wickedleak fails to deliver impressive battery in its new flagship. Price of the phone is in budget but without proper battery backup none of the phone can withstand the market. Backup is calculated to have 9-11 hours when used by moderate users and less than 7 hours if phone is stressed genuinely like playing games, watching videos and browsing internet. All we can say battery of the phone should have improved little bit to have long lasting performance on the phone.
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    Re: Wickedleak Wammy Neo Review


    Wammy Neo is ahead in some of the features and falls behind in some features altogether we can conclude that phone falls in average section. When you consider the design, display and camera features of the phone you will be pleased with the phone but when you peep in to the hardware specifications like Octa core processor and 2GB RAM then you will be overwhelmed because no other company will dare to provide you with such powerful hardware in low price.

    Though company fails to deliver latest Android OS and battery backup in its new flagship but still it will be the best choice for users looking for power packed phone at low price budget.
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