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Thread: Hathway Broadband is Worst internet option, never buy it

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    Hathway Broadband is Worst internet option, never buy it

    Just wanted to share my personal experience with Hathway Broadband Internet. I live in Miraroad which is a very well developed Mumbai suburban area. Hathway and MTNL are the two major ISPs here. As MTNL takes long time for their connection because of their as usual slow work, i choose Hathway broadband for my home. Few of my friends suggested me for the same saying it works good.

    I bought a 3 months package of 512kbps connection for Rs. 2,000/- This plan offer us 512kbps speed from 8 AM to 12:00 midnight, and from 12 Mid night to morning 8, it offers us 2.5MBps speed. It sounds good for me as we get 2.5mbps speed at night for 8 hours and that also unlimited. Isn't it?

    But in reality, it ONLY sounds good, doesn't works good.

    I work on Internet according to GMT time, which means i have to work at night in India and hence i have taken this connection as it offers 2.5mbps at night time. So far, i have been using Hathway for over 2.5 months. I started getting problems just from the second week itself. And the problem is very interesting.

    My internet gets down from 11 PM to Morning 9 AM, exactly when the bandwidth gets faster (12 am to 8 am).

    Which means, Hathway sell their product saying '2.5mbps speed' but they will never allow you to use that bandwidth. Earlier i use to get this problem 2 to 3 times in a week, but now its been 6 continuous days my internet is getting down exactly at 11 PM and comes back in the morning after 8.30 AM.

    So, if anyone here thinking about taking Hathway connection, i will recommend you not to take Hathway at any cost. Hathway is worst then worst ISP i have seen ever. It sucks.

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    Re: Hathway Broadband is Worst internet option, never buy it

    That is really ridiculous. Why dont you complain them. Call their Customer care at 022-67134600 or mail them at If they are taking full money at time, they must give proper service.

    If you dont get proper help from these numbers and email, than seriously mark a mail with your complete problem to Nodal Office. Here is the details of Hathway Nodal Officer:

    Manohar Sawant
    Asian Advertisers, 2nd Floor, Plot no 102, Marol Coop Ind Est, Andheri (E) Mumbai-59

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    Re: Hathway Broadband is Worst internet option, never buy it

    Thanks for your help buddy, but what do you think, i haven't called them?

    In a week i might have called customer care more than 50 times (all calls with more than 20 minutes duration), have generated over 10 complaint numbers. Also visited the local Hathway office more than 3 times but those are most useless people. They only say "Aaj pakka fix ho jayega" which means the problem will be fixed today anyhow but at the end of day, Same Problem at 11 PM.

    I also sent mails to Nodal office and Helpdesk twice in last two days, but no help from there also so far. I must say, to everyone, Never take Hathway connection. It's worst experience.

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    Re: Hathway Broadband is Worst internet option, never buy it

    It is very unfortunate. Atleast you should not have taken quarterly package. Anyways. You should now better move on to MTNL. Although they are bit slow but they provide better service than Hathway. Much better.

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    Re: Hathway Broadband is Worst internet option, never buy it

    You came to know about it now? I am aware of it since long years. Quit using Hathway.. they just know how to take money, and nothing else.

    Even the guy who follow up you before taking the connection, never picks up your call once his sales is counted.

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