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Thread: Tips to increase Galaxy S4 Speaker sound using a Mod

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    Tips to increase Galaxy S4 Speaker sound using a Mod

    Samsung Galaxy S4 is a nice Smartphone for those who need a pocket size power. The device brings out really amazing feature. But to some extent I had seen people are not so happy with the audio output of the device. So here I am going to show you the way through which you can increase the audio volume and make it really amazing. Before that we will have a bit look on the device. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes loaded with 1.6GHz Quad Core + 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor. This high end cpu is ideal for multi-tasking. You can run various games and apps on the same and it will not lag or freeze. The device has dual camera support. It has a 13MP camera on the back and a 2MP on the front side.

    Even after being having a good hardware the loud speaker has failed to impress. But there is a way through which you can increase the volume level to much higher. For that we have to go with a unofficial method. This method requires rooting and overwriting your phone bootlaoder with recovery boot. This method cause factory issue. So it is essential that you must do this on your own risk. Those who had already rooted their device can simply move ahead without doing anything. There are few things you have to do before making changes.


    • We are going to use a tweak through which you can increase the sound level. This will also boost the volume to much higher level. But this requires rooting. So check that your device is rooted.
    • If not then root it. But before that backup your phone data. You can do that through Samsung kies.
    • After rooting you won't get any future ota updates. Your phone warranty is void.
    • There are few mods that we are going to run to make the phone perform well. Download them one by one.
    • There are few devices which are compatible with below modes. They are Galaxy S5 LTE SM-G900F, S5 SM-G900T and Galaxy S5 G900W8.
    • It is good to backup your existing rom before running this flash. So that if any issue occur you can just restore the rom back and get your old settings back.
    • The mode has 4 version. Each of them brings out different benefit. You can run this on the basis of your requirement.
    • Download Lite MOD. This one is a Lite tweak that will give you audio boost. It can increase the sound level by 4 and you will get nice audio with no disturbance.
    • Download Medium MOD. This one will add a bit moderate level of sound boost. Not very high. Good for those who want a slight increase only.
    • Download Loud MOD. This one will boost the sound 6 level making extra Loud. This one is the maximum sound level and you cannot go ahead.
    • Download Lite Speaker+Headphone MOD. This one is for both phone and Headphone. You will notice a good amount of sound volume rise through this.
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    Re: Tips to increase Galaxy S4 Speaker sound using a Mod

    Installation Process:

    • Go on Google Play and download Root Checker. Just verify your phone is rooted or not. If yes then skip the step.
    • Now download the mod file as per your need. Choose the one that you want.
    • The next process is to move the mod file in the memory card of your phone. Turn the phone off after copying the mod.
    • Start your phone in cwm recovery mode. You can also use TWRP. You can do that by holding the volume up + home + power button at the same time.
    • Once the device start in recovery mode choose install zip from sd card.
    • Select the mod file and run the setup. That's it. Reboot your phone and check back.
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