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Thread: Is it Android 5.0 screenshots?

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    Is it Android 5.0 screenshots?

    I had seen a few Android 5.0 screenshots on the web. I want to confirm whether this is true or not. Right now the Android 4 is the latest series and it is getting a few update. Like 4.4.3 is the last one. And yet Google has not announced about any other updates.

    I want a bit information on the same. Does a 5.0 version is going to come out in the market. If yes then which all devices are going to get those updates. And what will be the new things in it. Last time some site says that you can create different user profile in the device but this is missing.

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    Re: Is it Android 5.0 screenshots?

    This looks like a rumor to me. There is no confirm news about the same. But it is possible that there might be android 5.0 update coming up. That might be in the third quarter or directly next year. This new update has not yet revealed so its features are also hidden. But there can be ample of new things this time. It looks Google is working on making voice recognition better. Many manufacturer are working on that part.

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    Re: Is it Android 5.0 screenshots?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Judge View Post
    I had seen a few Android 5.0 screenshots on the web. I want to confirm whether this is true or not.
    Yes, it is true. A few thing I know about Android 5.0 is that it is going to bring up a much faster app performance. It is going to increase the battery life also.

    There are major changes in this new update which is going to make the app output much better. But nothing is confirmed yet. And there are not devices which are going to have this new update. It is good to wait back until any device is announced with the new update. Most of the things are rumors.

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