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Thread: Apple iOS 8 copied 7 important features from Android OS

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    Apple iOS 8 copied 7 important features from Android OS

    Android Kitkat is the most recent operating system released and now there are few things that I noticed quiet common on the latest iOS8. Both are different platform. The developer Google and Apple simply works hard on both levels to deliver the best and most fast performing operating system. This time it looks Apple went too near to Android and take out some important things which are added as new feature on iOS 8.

    What those can be? I am quite sure you are curious to find out. Below are the top 7 important features which look to be inspired from Android OS. This is the primary features that are highlighted on iOS 8. So let’s check them out one by one and see how they are too much familiar.

    Siri: You can know activate Siri by saying Hey Siri. Siri is more optimized to identify your voice commands. Through Hey Siri you can instantly activate and start talking. The commands are quiet hard coded that makes your work much easier. In the same way to activate voice command on Android you have to say Ok Google and the voice assistant starts working.

    This is very much similar to the voice feature of Android. Siri and Google Voice Assistant look similar to me in many ways. The commands that I had used are quite simple and start with basic keyboards. Like asking for movie or checking the weather.

    QuickType Keyboard: This is a new keyboard which is part of iOS 8. A smart keyboard that can help you to type faster and instantly without wasting out much time. The keyboard provide you instant auto complete and it is also able to build up a word back on the basis of your usage.

    So that the next time when you type you don’t have to type the entire word. This one is quiet familiar to Predictive Typing that comes in Google Plus. It is very much similar that can help you to type up really fast.

    Third Party App Widgets: iOS 8 comes with a new platform of adding a widget on the homescreen. Now third party app can add their own widget on the home screen or on the notification panel. Compare to this Android is bit more advance when it comes to widget.

    You not only get widget support but you also get option to customize it as per your need. In iOS this things are just introduced and it will take a bit time to advance this stuff.

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    Re: Apple iOS 8 copied 7 important features from Android OS

    Notification Panel: This is the first time Apple is going to add a notification panel on iOS 8. This was not provided before. But now suddenly iOS 8 appear with a dedicated notification panel where you have a central hub to get everything. You get all the details and you can also modify a few settings. This thing is very old on Android. We all know the notification panel and a quick settings bar on the top side. It looks the user friendly feature of Android has attracted iOS 8.

    TestFlight: Now developers can run beta apps on iOS devices and test their app. They can simply find out how the app can perform and resolve the bugs. TestFlight is a new thing on iOS that allow developers to test various apps and find out bugs in them. This feature was already provided on Android where developers have an open platform to test various apps and games.

    Embed Videos in App Store: Before when you go on app store you won’t be able to see any videos. All you can see is game or app screenshots. And now Apple has allowed the developers to add videos that can add a more general view of apps. This is already used on Google Play where in the store itself you can see embedded video. This video shows you various information about sing the app or a glimpse of gameplay. This is not something new that Apple is doing. They must have allowed this long back when people were downloading tons of things from App Store.

    iCloud Photo Library: Apple introduced iCloud Photo Library that offer you a power to add thousands of photos on it and you can access the same anytime you want. Now this looks familiar to Google+ Photos which in Android. A kind of online gallery to store all your photos and you can sync them in different devices. Don’t you think iCloud Photo Library is quiet similar to Google+ Photos.

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    Re: Apple iOS 8 copied 7 important features from Android OS

    So as you can see much familiar future that Apple has introduced in iOS 8 matches with Android. And these features are not so advance. Most of these things look like missing from long time for iOS and finally Apple made up their mind to introduce them in their new update. While Android is already booming up with so many new features and still is favorite for many.

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