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Thread: Creating 3D live wallpaper on Android phone

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    Creating 3D live wallpaper on Android phone

    One of the biggest changes that Android brought is adding amazing animated and interactive display. This gives a new look to your phone. New android version are more stable in running animated screens. You can just have amazing live background that can surprise your friend. Today I am going to show you how you can make your own amazing 3D wallpaper on your phone. 3D wallpapers are animated and amazing. But if you want to make your own then you have to go through various applications. But there is a smile way of doing the same and you can do that through your camera. You just need a phone with good camera in that. So that you can take a bit good photos.

    There is a new camera app available on Google Play through which you can take amazing 3D photos. It is called as Depth Photo 3D Live Wallpaper. The application is free. But you get ads on the same. And if you purchase all advertising is removed. You will also get a few more effects for your photos. A few settings are unlocked like sensitivity, automatic movement and gyroscope. It is a simple to use app that works with any phone.

    All you need is a good megapixel camera, a 3D accelerometer support and lens blur feature in your stock camera app. Or else images will be not so great. The app offer you lens blur feature through which you can optimize your image. So let's move ahead in making your own live 3d wallpaper.

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    Re: Creating 3D live wallpaper on Android phone

    Here is the process of creating 3D live wallpaper on your smartphone:

    • The first thing you have to do is go on Google Play and install Depth Photo 3D Live Wallpaper.

    • Now start the camera app of your phone. You can take a new photo or you can simply use any existing one. Better to use a new one. You have to go in the camera settings and you have to tap on Lens Blur. This is to add a 3D effect.

    • Once you are done with selecting the image and lens blur settings then move the camera from low to high a little bit. You can see the instruction about the same on screen.

    • Then press the shutter button. This will add the animation effect on the image. And the image will move in upward direction.

    • Once you done by creating this photo the next thing you have to do is apply the live wallpaper.

    • So launch Depth Photo 3D app and then choose Lens Blur Photo.

    • Select the image that you had taken. This will add the picture and you can use this as a 3D wallpaper.

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