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Thread: How to recover WeChat Password

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    How to recover WeChat Password

    What to do if someone forget the password of WeChat. Most of the time people remain login in that through the mobile phone. And when you reset your phone you have to add the app and your login details.

    What if someone don't really remember that password? Things are different in WhatsApp. In that you have to just type of your number and the app automatically configure the account. You don't have to put any password.

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    Re: How to recover WeChat Password

    It happens sometime we do not really remember what password we had added in the chat messenger. But there is a way to reset the same and you can do that quiet easily. For that you have to click on the below link. It will take you to the password reset page. Just select your country and add your phone number in the same. The password will be reset. There is no other way to reset through the phone. You have to use the browser.

    WeChat Password Reset

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    Re: How to recover WeChat Password

    When you go on the top site you get two options to reset the password. First you can do that through your phone. That means a sms will be sent on your phone and you will get the password. Second you can simply reset the same via email. You have to click on that and you will get confirmation mail for restoring the password. So there is a two recovery type options available that you can use to restore the password whenever you forget.

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