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Thread: Installing purchased apps from Windows 8 Store on another PC

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    Installing purchased apps from Windows 8 Store on another PC

    Hope you guys understood what i mean to say? I have a Desktop PC and a laptop, both with the latest windows 8 consumer preview. Few hours a go i purchased an application from the Windows 8 Store, i liked it very much and now want to have it on my lappy also.

    So the question is Do i need to buy it again for my laptop OR is there any way i can install that purchased app itself here also ?

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    Re: Installing purchased apps from Windows 8 Store on another PC

    As far as i know, you can install the purchased application on 5 PCs with paying anything extra. If you want to install it on any sixth machine than you need to purchase it again.

    This is what i read somewhere and am sure about it. But i dont know exactly how you can install it on rest of 4 PCs. Lets see if anyone can help here with the steps.

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    Re: Installing purchased apps from Windows 8 Store on another PC

    yeah, you are correct 'mankind', once purchased app can be used upto 5 PCs. Anyways, the installation process if also very simple. Here is what you need to:

    • As you are using windows 8 CP, you might have realized that your Live ID plays a very important role on windows 8. So, simply sign in with your live id on the second pc where you want to install and launch the Windows 8 store.
    • In order to make sure that the Microsoft account you using now is the same you used for purchasing app, simply press "WIN + I". You can also confirm this from the Settings charm.
    • Now browse and locate the App you want to install on this PC. You can also search the store for the same. If you dont how to search the Windows 8 Store, see this
    • Once you got the application to be installed, simply open the app's page and click on Install.
    • You are done. Do the same on more 3 PCs or Tabs if you want 8)

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