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Thread: How to Enable or Disable Quiet Hours for Notificiations in Windows 8.1

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    How to Enable or Disable Quiet Hours for Notificiations in Windows 8.1

    windows 8.1 has a options through which you get notification when the system is in standby mode. This can be bit disturbing. For example when you are taking a nap or when you are not using your pc, the system goes in standby within a few minutes and when there is a notification you get a popup on your screen. this can be annoying. So here I am going to show you how you can turn those things off. Windows 8.1 has this feature which is quiet effective to use. It is possible to turn off those things and you can rest for some time. I had mentioned different methods below which usually work for Windows 8.1.

    Method 1: Applying the quiet hours through PC Settings

    • Go in Pc Settings first. Then click on Search and apps.
    • See on the left side and then tap on Notifications. If it is turned off then you can turn it on if you want. This will be help if you want to enable to settings it back again. You just have to drag the bar under quiet hours. And to turn off just drag the slider back.
    • Just below that there is a schedule based option. That means you can configure quiet hours at a specific time so that you won't get annoying popup every time. You just have to set the time below mentioned From and To box.
    • Or else you can just turn it off and done. Instead of turning it off permanently it is good to keep the same on schedule.

    Method 2: Disabling Quiet Hours permanently through Registry Editor

    • There is a option through which you can disable this thing permanently. And that is done through registry editor. For that just hit the Windows + R key and in that type regedit.
    • Click on File and then click on Export. Keep the backup file ready with you.
    • Now in registry editor you have to navigate to the following location:- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Explorer\QuietHours. If here QuietHours is not available then right click and create a new key.
    • At the right side double click on the DWORD value. When you are modifying the value just check that you had selected Decimal instead of Hexadecimal. From here you can configure the settings. You can add the value data as per your need to configure Quiet Hours. Like you can create a value Exit Time and add a number there. For example you want to enter a time as 2.30 then you have to convert this into minutes. That is 870minutes. Add the 870 value and done. This settings will remain disable other time. other Dword value you can use is Enable. 1 is for on and 0 is for off.

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    Re: How to Enable or Disable Quiet Hours for Notificiations in Windows 8.1

    Method 3: Hiding the Quiet Hours settings

    • Go in charm bar and then click on settings. then click on Notification in that.
    • You will get a another popup box where you can turn off the notification on the basis of hours. Like hide for 8 hrs, 3hrs and 1hr. This does not require any changes in the registry.

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