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Thread: Kingston microDuo USB OTG Pendrive Review

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    Kingston microDuo USB OTG Pendrive Review

    What if you have a very tiny storage device where you can store upto 64GB of your data. And you can also use it in your mobile phone. I am talking about the unique Kingston microDuo USB OTG Pendrive. This usb is something really different by Kingston. It fits well for the need for portable storage and for pc backup. We usually get ample of pen drives in the market with usb 2.0 or usb 3.0 interface.

    To use them on your tablet or no your mobile phone you need a OTG cable. That sometime works and done time does not. Here Kingston microDuo USB OTG Pendrive is having a dual functional. At one side it has a micro usb port while on the other it has a regular usb port. You can use it on your pc and on your portable devices. Above that the drive is very sleek and small. It comes in size from 8GB to 64GB. It is really impressive for day to day usage.

    One of the biggest benefit here is that you have a micro usb port at one side and you can directly connect it on the mobile port and access its content. Ideal to keep your videos, photos, files, etc everything at one place. No need to overload your phone storage. This pen drive comes with On The Go support. That means if your phone has a OTG support then you can use the pen drive. It looks durable also.

    Being small you can use it effectively and keep it in your pocket also. You can hook it with your keychain and the pen drive remains with you all the time. It is not at all disturbing. IT is very simple and has a rotating design. This pen drive has open ports. That means there is no flap coverage. So it is good if you keep it safe. It is very light and quiet easy to use also. Instead of usb 3.0 we are having usb 2.0 interface on the same. Being a small pen drive on of the major issue here is heating. IT heats when you are copying data in it. Also it can reduce your phone battery if you use it for streaming out hd videos.


    The drive comes in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB size. We are testing the 32GB version which looks bit enough for keeping files. I had filled the drive with files. I checked in my pc where I can see the total space which is available for usage is around 29GB instead of full 32GB. Being a plug and play device you just have to connect and start using it. You don't have to worry about driver installation.

    While for android with OTG support you have to go in the storage section and mount the usb. Being small in size you can leave it connected on the phone. Streaming media is fast on the same. On CrystalDiskMark I got a read and write speed of 25mbps. This is fluctuating but somehow it able to maintain a constant transfer speed of 20mbps. IF this was usb 3.0 then speed would be much more higher.


    Kingston microDuo USB OTG pen drive is a very handy tool for all. Whoever want to buy a pen drive which also fits in the mobile phone can go for this. Remember your pone must have a OTG support which only comes in few high end phone. IF there is no OTG support then the drive storage will not be detected.

    It works well with devices that have Android 4.0 or higher operating system. You can move files in the pen drive or you can copy it. IT is ideal for taking backup and a time saver solution. Like if you want to take a video from your friend which is big in size then you can attach the pen drive and copy it. The drive come with 5 year warranty. A 16GB version of this usb comes for Rs.800 approx and a 32GB version comes for Rs.1450.

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    Re: Kingston microDuo USB OTG Pendrive Review

    I know this has been a fab innovation with USB and microUSB. And apparently, Kingston has a super discount deal with Flipkart. 16GB is for just about Rs, 750 and the 32GB for approx. 1400/-.

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