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Thread: Can't login to facebook poker on my iphone

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    Can't login to facebook poker on my iphone

    Whenever I connect to Facebook in the profile settings on my iPhone, when I hit done the app closes down. Very frustrating - am I doing something wrong? Please reply.

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    Re: Can't login to facebook poker on my iphone

    i got like 6 accounts all got this message!
    Your poker account has been temporarily disabled due to abuse reports.
    One account which is my bank one got this error too, and i don't remember if i ever played from or used it to play. When you hide chips from hackers! zynga will disable your accounts! Well i prefer to get hacked.

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    Re: Can't login to facebook poker on my iphone

    Actually, I don't think the issue is related to logging into Facebook. I just went to "edit profile" then clicked done. I didn't log into Facebook or change anything. The app still crashed.

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