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Thread: Nokia X Heating issues

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    Nokia X Heating issues

    Just bought a new Nokia X and install a few game. The phone is getting heated. It also get hot when I am charging. I am not able to understand why it is getting so hot. It is also giving out the same issue when I am using the Bluetooth headphone. It is very annoying to use the pone like that way. I worry if this can damage the phone battery or any other internal component. What should I do to fix this thing ?

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    Re: Nokia X Heating issues

    Battery calibration can help you to resolve the problem. For that first let the phone discharge the battery completely. There must be no battery left. Then connect it to the charger once again.

    Charge the phone to 100%. Once done you have to run the battery calibrate app. Tap on that and it will simply calibrate the device. Restart the phone and then check. This will fix the issue. Check for new update also.

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    Re: Nokia X Heating issues

    Update your phone software. It will also help. You can do that through Nokia pc suite. Just connect the device through that and run a fresh update. Once done you can simply charge your phone. And if it is still heating up then you have to take the phone to service center. I think the internal battery has some problem due to which you are facing the issue. You have to get it replaced and it will resolve the issue.

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