Tizen is a new open source os for wearable and smart phones. But the is not yet adopted. It is in news that Samsung smart watch will first have Tizen because of it is simple interface which puts very less impact on the battery. It can boot your battery life for more longer period. The latest SDK which is released in the market is TIZEN 2.2.1. It is based on Linux and is going to be a promising platform for mobile devices.

Today I will show you how you can simply add this new Tizen SDK on a Wearable smart watch. It is possible to add. If you have a nice smartwatch of android or any other brand then with few requirements you have this. But there is one big issue that you can't backup your existing OS or settings. Smart watch are bit different compared to smart phones. They have less supports. But still if you are willing to go ahead to test Tizen then there is something really great here. This OS is smooth and works very fast. You have a Linux based support on your mobile device.

Installation Process:

  • The first thing you have to do is go on developer.samsung.com. This is the place from where you are going to download a few development tools. This will be help for porting the OS on wearable devices.

  • Here you have to click on Development Tools. Once done click on Samsung Gear. Gear is a smart watch that comes with android. So we are going to use its development tools for other devices also.

  • Under SDK you can find Tizen SDK directly. It is already designed and developed for wearable devices. We just have to download the same.

  • Download it and save it on your desktop.

  • Now go under the column of Tizen SDK. Here you will find a section called as Install Manager. You have to download a installation file from here. It will be either install.bin or install.exe. Just download this.

  • Now go under the sdk image file. You have to download the right version of sdk which is going to support your device. The size will be high here.

  • Once done move everything inside one folder and then run install manager. Just double click on the file. If get any error regarding setup then you have to verify the repository here. This happen mostly in Linux pc.

  • If everything works ok then you have to click on the advance button. From there add a tick on radio then click on open folder.

  • Locate the SDK file that you had just downloaded. Click on Open.

  • Wait back. Most of the time the download location is already set. So here you don't have to mess with the location.

  • Now on the setup window you have to click on accept and then click on next.

  • Accept the license and choose typical installation type.

  • Also you can here choose the location where you want to install it. Most of the time it will be configured automatically.

  • Once done with that Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager setup will start. Just click on next. Restart your pc and done.

  • Now Tizen SDK in installed on your pc. You can use it to install on wearable devices.